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Having tooth sensitivity can be hard especially while doing any day to day activities such as having breakfast or dinner, having a few drinks with your friends or just brushing your teeth. İf you have tooth sensitivity that wont pass we have the answer for that!

Tooth sensitivity comes and goes but sometimes its visit is just more than you might have expected. What causes your tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is usually caused by an exposed dentin on the root area. İt can be because of a gum disease or receeding gums. When this happens the nerves of the tooth become extra sensitive and therefore may cause you pain and a feeling of discomfort. Common causes may include some of the following:

  • Too much teeth brushing
  • Having an acidic diet
  • You might have an acid reflux disease
  • Excessive teeth whitening
  • Teeth grinding
  • Dry mouth

For these types of problems your doctor might recommend you a root canal procedure, gum graft or a filling procedure to be done.

The best treatment is taking an appointment with your dentist and consolting them to see what you can do. Your dentist always knows better!

On your side you can try to eliminate acidic drinks and foods, dont brush your teeth more than the recommended amount, only whiten your teeth by a Professional doctor, if you have a teeth grinding problem make sure to check this problem out and the same is also applied to a dry mouth problem.


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