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Before starting the treatment, the photo and video images of the patient is uploaded to the smile design software. Thanks to this software, it is possible to determine the form and dimensions of the teeth, positioning the teeth and gums that the person should have, taking into account many aesthetic criteria.

In this step, two- and three-dimensional images are obtained as if the patient’s dental treatment is finished. In this way, the patient will be shown how they will look when the process ends.

If the design, which has passed the necessary stages, is deemed appropriate, the process begins. The exact same design produced and rehearsed on the software is applied to the patient. In this way, the person finishes the treatment without experiencing any complications.

The treatment process varies according to the patient’s oral health and tooth structure. The designed smile varies between one and twelve days, depending on which treatment the physician deems appropriate during the planning process.

Since these types of treatments are personal, treatment processes may differ depending on the needs of the patient.

Smile design does not only provide individuals with a healthy and beautiful smile; also at the same time it is going to reflect the happiness of the person to the outside world in the most aesthetic way with a clear expression.

Having dental  problems can cause patients to not have confidence in themselves. Therefore we can design the smile of your dreams!

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