Lamina (Leaf Tooth) Restorations

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Lamina (Leaf Tooth) Restorations

Dental lamina can be defined as a thin mold designed with tooth-colored material according to the needs of the patient. These peels are techniques applied to the front surface of the teeth to change the color, shape, size or length of the teeth and improve appearance.

Contrary to the general perception, there is no need to file the tooth for porcelain lamina production and the appropriate treatment method should be selected by the dentist. In this case, only some border preparation is required for the application of laminates without damaging the natural teeth.
will suffice.

In addition to its aesthetic aspect, the function of correctly applied laminates is also very important. Correct and strong attachment of natural teeth and porcelain laminates is essential. Lamina is produced just like everyone’s own original teeth and individually.

It is not possible to distinguish the difference between laminates and natural teeth when applied correctly. Laminas, unlike natural teeth, are produced using high-tech materials in their construction.

Therefore, it is resistant to tea and coffee stains. Laminates can provide high whitening for the darkest teeth that are resistant to other whitening treatments.

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Lamina Restorations

Start From: €390

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