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Finding out you are pregnant is great news but with it comes all types of new responsabilities. For example, now you will be brushing for two! Taking care of your oral health is very important to minimize any discomfort and risks for the fetus.

Everyone is tired after a long day of work at the Office or outside or even at home! This is why sometimes the night brushing and flossing can be forgotten. For new moms to be this happens more often because with pregnancy hormonal spikes the mother to be feels more tired and wants to go directly to bed.

Other than skipping dental flossing and brushing regular dentist visits can also be forgotten for new moms. But these types of behaviours can actually harm both the mother and the fetus.

Hormonal changes during the pregnancy can cause a number of risks on the mothers dental oral health. İt can cause problems like cavities, gum diseases and weaker enamel.

New mothers especially in the first few months can experience morning sickness, the acid from the stomach can weaken the tooth enamel and risk having new dental problems because of it.


There are a number of things that you can do during pregnancy to take care of your oral and dental hygiene. Some of them are as the following:

  • Brush your teeth two times a day at morning and at night
  • Make sure to floss one time a day
  • Dont skip the dentist appointments and make sure you do follow ups with your dentist. Dont wait until the last minute!
  • İf you are using vitamins or medicines such as folic acid or tablets that need chewing make sure to brush your teeth afterwards. These types of chewy tablets sometimes contain sugar which can be harmful for your teeth and cause cavity.


When a pregnant woman has dental and oral issues it can travel through the blood stream into the uterus and it can cause premature birth. Even after the baby arrives the mother has a risk of infecting the baby .

Just by brushing your teeth regularly you can lower the chance of harming your fetus and it can reduce many pregnancy complications.


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