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Dental Treatments

Implant Treatments

Start From: €450

Hollywood Smile

Start From: €4800

Teeth Whitening

Start From: €290

Dental Prostheses

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Braces Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

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Masseter Botulinum Toksin

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Pediatric Dentistry

Start From: €990

Treatment of Gum Diseases

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    Dr. Dt. Didem EKİZ

    Why Should You Prefer Specialist Dentist Didem EKİZ?

    In this way, which we started by prioritizing the satisfaction of our patients, we always apply personalized and situation-specific treatments.

    We maintain all our support during and after the treatment so that the person has teeth that are compatible with the natural mouth structure and can smile freely.

    Health starts in the mouth! As we set out on this road, we determined our route in the direction of the health and satisfaction of our patients…

    The secret of being sure of your health and smile is behind this door…
    Freedom of Smile…

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What procedures does smile aesthetics involve?

      These are applications that are determined individually according to the different needs of the patients. For example;
      • Teeth whitening
      • Gum aesthetics
      • Orthodontic treatments for crooked teeth
      • Elimination of jaw joint disorders
      • Tooth cleaning process
      • Closing the spaces between teeth with orthodontic treatment
      • Elimination of alignment disorders of teeth with orthodontic treatment
      • Porcelain laminate and veneer
      • Treatment of decayed teeth
      • One missing tooth
      • Darkened teeth

      How long does implant dental treatment take?

      After the treatment process is completed, a period of 3 to 8 months is needed to use the teeth comfortably.

      What should be considered in the dental implant treatment process?

      During their treatment, patients should not receive a hard hit to their mouth, do not consume hard foods, and stay away from extremely hot and extremely cold foods.

      Is pain felt in dental implant treatment?

      Pain may be felt up to 1-2 days after surgical intervention.

      What is smile design (Hollywood Smile)?

      Smile design is to make the teeth and gums, which play an important role in the patient’s smile and whose appearance is deteriorated aesthetically, an ideal appearance in the direction desired by the patient, in a way that suits the patient’s face.

      How many days does the smile design take on average?

      It varies according to the condition of the patient and the treatment to be applied.

      How many sessions does the smile design process take?

      Since the smile design treatment is a personalized treatment, the treatment sessions vary from person to person, but can be completed in 3 sessions on average.

      What are the prices of smile aesthetics?

      As the procedures to be applied in smile design vary from patient to patient, prices can also differ from person to person.

      Why do our teeth turn yellow?

      Teeth may be structurally yellow or a discoloration may occur due to eating and drinking. Factors such as brushing the teeth with too much pressure, long-term use of drugs, etc. can cause the teeth to turn yellow.

      How long does the teeth whitening process take?

      Depending on the tooth structure, it may take several sessions to reach the desired whiteness. The approximate duration of the sessions is 30 minutes.

      Is there any harm in teeth whitening?

      The procedures applied under the control of dentists do not cause any harm to the teeth. Teeth whitening does not cause any structural changes or permanent damage.

      What is a prosthetic tooth?

      It is the treatment of tooth loss caused by damage or discomfort in the teeth or gums. The dental prosthesis that replaces the lost teeth is specially prepared for the person. Prostheses produced in line with the needs of the patient should fit the person’s mouth perfectly, look natural and be easy to use.

      How is a prosthetic tooth made?

      Prosthetic teeth are prepared in accordance with the place of the missing tooth. It is designed in harmony with the natural color of the teeth. Prosthetic teeth can be produced for a single tooth or for all teeth.

      What are the types of prosthetic teeth?

      There are two different types of dental prostheses.
      1. Fixed Dentures
      Fixed dental prostheses placed in the patient’s mouth by the dentist are prostheses that cannot be removed at the request of the person. In cases where tooth loss is minimal, treatment is usually performed with fixed dental prostheses.
      2. Removable Denture
      As the name suggests, they are prostheses that patients can take off if they wish. The patient can easily use it in daily life without any difficulties.
      Veneers, porcelain, zirconium, laminate, leaf teeth, etc. prostheses are the most commonly used.

      What is braces treatment?

      Ordotonti specialists are a treatment method applied to fill the gap created by the missing teeth, to remove the jam in the excess teeth and to improve the appearance.

      Is there pain in braces treatment?

      Pain is not felt during the application of braces in the mouth. After the braces are attached to the newly placed brackets, there may be pain that can last for a few days or up to a week.
      The process of getting used to the wire on the lips and cheeks can take approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

      How long does braces treatment take?

      Depending on the patient’s condition, the type of treatment and duration of treatment vary.

      Is it difficult to eat with braces?

      It is recommended to consume liquid foods for a few days in newly fitted braces. You can then return to normal eating and drinking. Biting on very hard things can cause your braces to break, so it is not recommended.

      What are the types of braces?

      • There are less visible ceramic transparent braces. Patients who will be disturbed by its appearance may prefer transparent braces.
      • There are lingual wires that are completely placed behind your teeth.
      • Invisible braces, that is, transparent plaques are available. It can be removed and reattached during the day.
      Our ordotontis specialist will share the most suitable braces and treatment for you during your examination.

      What is root canal treatment (Endodontics)?

      It is a treatment method applied in cases such as significant decay and infection of the tooth. With this treatment, all the problems that cause tooth extraction are eliminated.
      It is one of the most important treatments for teeth.

      Is there much pain in root canal treatment?

      Root canal treatments are generally thought to be very painful. However, the pain experienced in root canal treatment is the same as a filling procedure. It may differ according to the patient’s pain threshold.

      What should be considered after root canal treatment?

      Nothing should be eaten or drunk until 2 hours after the treatment is completed. Oral care should be considered after treatment. Extremely hot and extremely cold foods should not be consumed.

      What are the possible risks in root canal treatment?

      Although the infection in the tooth is cleaned in the root canal treatment, it may be possible to recur after a while. It is of great importance that the treatment is continued by our specialist doctors.

      What is oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery and what treatments does it perform?

      It covers many oral and dental health treatments such as tooth extraction, impacted tooth operation, implant, jaw fracture treatment, detection and treatment of jaw tumors, abscesses and cysts.

      What are pediatric dental treatments?

      Children are treated by our specialist doctors in many subjects such as the treatment of caries in milk and permanent teeth, early loss of milk teeth, methods of protecting oral and dental health.

      What are gum diseases?

      Gum disease is also known as gingivitis. When gingivitis is not treated, it damages the tissues that fix the teeth to the jawbone. It is necessary to start treatment without wasting time.

      What are the symptoms of gum disease?

      • Red and swollen gums
      • Bad breath
      • Shrinking gums
      • Sensitive teeth

      How is gum treatment done?

      After the examination of the patient, the treatment methods to be chosen according to the stage may differ. Treatments are divided into two as surgical and non-surgical treatments.

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      Dr. Dt. Didem EKİZ

      Health starts in the mouth!

      As we set out on this road, we determined our route in the direction of the health and satisfaction of our patients…

      The secret of being sure of your health and smile is behind this door…

      Freedom of Smile…

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