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You might be a new mother to be! İf so congratulations… but you might have a dental problem which needs to be taken care of. İf that is the situation you might be wondering if you can go to the dentist. Sometimes the dentist can ask for a dental X-ray and as a new to be mother you want to make sure no harm comes to your baby. İn this post we will answer your question if dental X-rays are safe during your pregnancy.


Dental X-rays are sometimes required to be done to the patient when they visit a dentist Office. Dental X-rays are a helpful tool for the dentist to see below the surface of the patients teeth and also gums. These dental X-rays help the dentist identify any early stage decay, jaw issues, cavities and more.

To get a better understanding of the underlying issue that the patient is experiencing it is always better to do a dental X-ray. Because the dentist sometimes can not identify the real source of the problem just by a visual examination.


İf you are pregnant you might have been warned to not get an X-ray. This warning could be given to you by a family member, a friend or even your own doctor. But dental X-rays actually have you covered and you should not be worried about getting one if it is necessary and your dentist requires you to do it.

Dental X-rays usually dont emit a high amount of X-ray to the body this is why it is safe to do during pregnancy. To be extra careful sometimes some doctor might shield your abdominal area and your neck to be a little extra sure!

Before you visit us please make sure to let our EKİZ CLİNİC team know that you are pregnant so we as a family can provide you with the best service that will make you happy and return make us happy!

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